Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Leaf scratchings am fucking ace

I was sat at me desk at work today when a bloke came in who owns a few boozers round my end and tossed a small plastic bag at me said 'have a go on them'  I inquired as to what they were amd he said 'leaf scratchings'.  Fucking ace I thought - it's got scratchings in the name.

Now I could be a right cunt here and google leaf scratchings, write up a load of shit pretending I know all about them, where they come from and that but the truth is I aint got a fucking clue - never fucking heard of them.

So I am going to google it now and see what the fuck they are.......

..........Right - I am now a complete knowledge on them and have eaten most of them as well.  I'll stick some pictures up and then I will bore the shit out of you about them.

 Right - so thats what they look like - not the most attractive thing in the world granted - but they taste fucking lovely.

Now to appear uber intelligent as I simply cut and paste some crap from wikepedia and insert some swear words into the text.

Leaf scratchings came about as a by-product of the lard making industry. Lard made from the "leaf" of the pig (the tissue surrounding the kidneys) is superior to other types of lard, posh fucking lard if you will. When the leaf is clarified to make the lard the tissues and bits of meat and shit that remain, are then compressed by a sort of cider press device thingy and are cooked - baked rather than fried. The result is flaky rather than crispy, with an intense porky flavour, and a different texture with more ‘chew’ than a traditional scratching.

Sadly, the unpopularity of animal fats, people being fucking gaylords and also EU regulations contributed to the demise of these delicacies.  However, thank fuck, there is one butchers shop in Darlaston that still sells them - they are Coopers of Darlaston and have a website, so have a look on it and order some you cunts. Butchers in the black country what sells leaf scratchings

Also I found this bell end selling them on ebay:  Bell end that sells scratchings on ebay

I ate all of them and feel a little sick now but I can only urge you to try them also as they are bloody lovely.

More sporadic, rubbish updates on my blog in about six months cunt fuckers.

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