Friday, June 27, 2014

The Pop Up Pub!

Fuck a duck!

This is bloody amazing.  A pub, an actual, your actual, real life pub that can be dropped into your garden!

A fucking pub

If your garden is fucking massive and you have shit loads of money that is.

But still eh - we can all dream or if you work for some twatty multinational who have more money than sense  and pay fuck all tax then get the cunts to hire it out for some pretentious summer bonding party, or some such shit, fill the fucker with piss and scratchings and bingo!  Chicken Dinner - or something.

It is very straightforward - sort your venue, phone this lot Pop Up Pub mob tell 'em what you want the pub to be called - the Vodafone arms or what ever - then tell them to drop it at your desired location and get fucking twatted.  Easy.

Stick it on a flat bed 

drop it in your garden

Get fucking pissed and smoke some tabs