Friday, October 27, 2006

October 2006

Well it really is the last 200 metres to go now - just over 3 weeks and we are of. Really hiting home now and a healthy dose of nerves is certainly setting in.

Sue and I were in the pub the other night and we agreed that what we have done is monumental but because we have been planning the move for so long it seems second nature. It's relentless though, literally every time you decide to do something what seems like a mamoth task presents it self. Transfering money was the latest thing - seem to have negotiated that mine field now but with its fair share of heart ache. Will post up a more detailed account of money maters later.

We both felt that near the end would be a good place to start with this blog - so over the next three weeks we are going to give a potted account of how we arrived were we are now and then once were over there - then it's all NZ baby.

I just want to say now that the good people over at have been amazing and if anyone reading this is thinking about doing the NZ thing then read it, search the forums and you will find what your looking for. If you dont ask and you will get help.




katsblog said...

well good luck you two, it certainly is a rollercoaster ride - my advise is that if you can afford to not work for a it. relocating and working full time, sorting out your kids and trying to make new friends take it out of you.....I wished we could have had more that 2 weeks off, and now that we have the house, time to do stuff is even shorter!

So good luck on the last leg - saying good bye is the worst but once your through the departuge gate its the start of a big adventure...


ThePiesleys said...

Nice one - thanks for the kind words. I will def try and take your advice regards working.