Thursday, June 10, 2010

Binge Drinking in Malta

Hats of to Malta  - Tiny little place but has an impressive capacity for booze.

   Just in case you Didn't know what fucking Malta looked like.

We all know that the British love a good old binge drink and getting smashed at every given opportunity, and we all know our bender cousins on mainland Europe are rubbish at lowering their liver functions, however an exception to this rule is the Mediterranean island of Malta which has adopted the fantastic British culture of binge drinking, and where teenagers are able to buy alcohol and drink it in the streets of the main club district, Paceville, due to a lack of police enforcement of the legal drinking age of seventeen.  Seventeen - shit the bath, they get a whole extra year of legal drinking compared to us.  

In fact, statistics show that alcohol consumption in Malta exceeds that in the UK, wankers, must be per head per capita or some other bollocks.  

Malta ranks 5th in the world in common binge drinking.  Fair play to you and I for one salute you Maltese piss cans.


Ellie said...

YaaaaY MALTA!! maybe this is where i get it from!

Redblong said...

Maybe indeed you absolute piss can.

Edsan said...

I was 16 when I started my career on the piss.

Straight on the HÜRLIMANN I prefer my larger in a tall glass.

Current Fav = Fullers Organic Honey Dew Ale mmmmmmm sweeties

Edsan said...

.....and tons of spliff smoke comming out my drug end

Redblong said...