Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scratchings my readers have eaten part 1

Regular reader Jon Ebolavirus dropped me a text and a photo of a cracking scratching he had recently.  Over to you Jon.

I was at the Birmingham summer food fair thingy the other day getting smashed in the German beer tent.  I felt the urge for some salty pig based snacks so wondered round the corner to find the scratchings stand and I went and fucking bought some I did.

This was a particularly nice one and as it was served warm, which was a mark of genius, and I told the bloke an all - fucking nice one mush I said.  Anyway it had a lack of hair but the extra fat content had to be commended.  Medium salt level but in all honesty I would have rather settled for the little blue and white KVE Scratchings.

Cheers Jon.

If you've had a fucking tasty scratching or for that matter a few nice Pints which got you spannered or you have had an uplifting packet of tabs that made you cough like a miner in the morning, or any old shit for that matter drop me a line and I will alter most of the words you send me to include tons of swearing and bang it on here.  Try and include a picture as well as that pads all this shit out.  Cheers.

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