Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Party

We had a party last staurday (4th November) at the Hawne Tavern in Halesowen. Ray the gaffer was kind enough to allow us a karaoke to get a real party atmosphere going and our friends turned out in force and we all got twisted. Last man left at 6.00am!

This was not the first party though - I had a leaving do from work, well two actually, one on
the day I left work and another leaving lunch/afternoon booze up a few weeks later. Sue had leaving drinks from her place when she left but has since gone back as a supply teacher. Quote of the day from one of her collegues when she walked back into the staff room "Can I have my 50p back from the collection?"

We have had a final weekend away in Dover - my home town - on the weekend of the 11th November. Party with my folks and a night out with my old friends from home.

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