Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two weeks and counting

Less than two weeks now and things are flying. Money has been sent to our NZ bank account, we chose ASB but I will post a thorough article on that. The container is almost ready to go. After much heartache we chose cargobookers and they are airfreighting it, again more detail on that later. We had a last minute panic and have decided to buy a few chrissie pressies for the kids to take with us so will finish the final touches to the packing lists tomorrow. Really must big up katandbob from the emigrate NZ forum for all there invaluable help.

Having a final mad splurge selling stuff - every penny counts as we are officially skint (in England). We had the big leaving party last staurday, pix and report also to follow. It was great just to let you know.

All that remains now is one last hurrah in Dover - my home town - next weekend then it is pack the bags and go. All I need to do now is stop waking up in cold sweats dreaming that we missed the flight cos we went to Gatwick instead of Heathrow.


Llywarch said...

I'm getting as nervous as you just thinking about it!!!
You shure it ain't Luton you're flying from??

ThePiesleys said...

Oi - Al. Leave it, thats another permeatation for nightmare...