Monday, August 23, 2010

The hairest scratching ever?

Regular reader and chronic flatulence sufferer Randy Denguefever was recently on the smash in the excellent boozer the lord clifden which is in the wonderfully named Great Hampton Street, I have a great hampton in case you were wondering, and decided it was scratching time.  By the way it's fourty nine words in and still no swearing, cuntsticks, that's better.

Anyway a packet of scratching was purchased and consumed, bar one - check this fucker out!!!

Now I like a  scratching or two.  Well - I like fucking loads of the cunts but this is pushing it too far.  I could not eat it - but if you think your up for it mail me your address and I'll happily send it to you, as long as you video/photo yourself eating it so I can put it on here and swear at you.  You cunt.

1 comment:

Mustafa Nardon said...

That scratching looks like my birds chin!