Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 2011 - it's been a while

Morning cunts

It's been a while - 9 months to be precise.  Did you seriously expect anything less?  The initial furore followed by a slow down then complete inactivity.  It's the fucking rules ain't it.

Pressing matters to attend to first - last Summer the blog went on a fact finding mission to Spain.  Well I called it a fact finding mission but the fucking wife insisted on bringing the kids and calling it a holiday!

What I found out:  The Spanish don't do scratchings, they do do beer (well fucking Continental lager - when in Rome Rodney) and  they love a tab.  It was Marley lights all the way. Also It's fucking hot.

 Pissy lager stuff

 Fucking ace chorizo in a little burner you cook yer self - lazy cunts can't be arsed so get you to do it


 Ribs and chips - fucking aceness

 Some such shit or other

All the stuff you can have in stead of scratchings - I feel sorry for them - I do.

Me pissed up on booze

Remember I said it was hot - well it was so hot I started involuntarily sweating out of my arsehole.

That was last summers expedition filed and reported - I'm sure you all feel completely educated regards the Spanish, their booze habits, their snacking habits and the fact it's fucking hot.

If anyone is remotely interested I went here.

So then - I suppose I had better think of something else to fucking prattle on about.  If you can think of something or even better a photo of some beer or scratchings or you sweating out of your arsehole then I can write some shit to go with it and abuse you.  And that.


Anonymous said...

A welcome return. It's good to see it is still shit.
You Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Leave me alone you Spanish loving cunt.


debailey72 said...

Nice pic of you drunk Dan.

Anonymous said...

He went to spain, drank to much and pissed himself, it the british way

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find I'm the Spanish loving cunt actually.

You Cunt.

Anonymous said...

pork scratching eating mother fucker.
great blog...ya cunt.